This system is
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Gas /Air

Gas / Oxygen

This system is available with:


Ladle & Converter Preheater

Horizontal heating sytems are used for high speed heating and heat maintaining. These systems are often equipped with a gas/air burner with the MEFKON 2-stage radiation recuperator or with a gas/oxygen burner. Compared to a conventional gas/air burner, a 2-stage radiation recuperator can increase the efficiency of about 20% (learn more). An oxygen burner increases the efficiency of about 50%.

Preheaters are realized either as stationary unit or for several positions. Additionally the burner lid can be designed with maintenance doors for oxygen lancing.


MEFKON Burner Types for
Horizontal Vessel Preheaters

Due to highest efficiency and our Hydrogen H2-ready Concept, MEFKON ensures future-proof solution for their customers.


Standard Burner

The MEFKON High Velocity Gas/Air Burner is a versatile standard burner for industrial furnaces and thermal processing equipment. The burner is characterised by its best controllability and its small NOx-values.


High Efficent Burner

The MEFKON Oxyfuel Burner has been specially developed for high-temperature applications and is characterised by its high efficiencylowest emissionseasy maintenance and best controllabilityUp to 50% energy and CO2 savings, compared to a gas/air burner system.

MEFKON Standards Preheater & Drier

MEFKON heaters are based on the fundamental demands on highest efficiency, lowest emissions and highest reliability

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