MEFKON designs and manufactures systems for the drying and heating of all types of vessels with refractory materials during the production of hot metal and steel.

Our company was founded in 2010 by a team of industry experts with extensive, long-standing experience in building heating systems. Each team member has on-site experience in steelworks, altogether more than 170 years. In total, our specialists have engineered, manufactured and commissioned approx. More than 1000 heating systems for several steel plants all over the world. Only 7 years after establishment of our company, we are proud to be owner of a 500 m² office building and a 14 m high production hall at our new and expanded location for business.

What sets us apart


Experience and the holistic technical understanding of all relevant processes and influencing factors form the basis for our engineering services. Our customers are the most prestigious plant builders such as Primetals, Tenova, SMS Group and Inteco as well as steel plants all over the world.


MEFKON is a certified specialist in welding according DIN EN 1090-2 EXC2 and DIN EN ISO 3834 and fulfills the demands on Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG.

EN 1090

Certificate EN 1090

Directive 2014/68/EU


Certificate DIN EN ISO 3834

Welding Certificate

Welding Certificate


Redundant control of burner
· Energy-saving motors
· Frequency controller
· Energy savings potential: 45 % – 65 %
Modern burner technology
Reduction of
· gas usage: up to 75%
· CO2: up to 75%
· NOx: up to 90%
Redundant control of heating curve
Engineered vessel covering
· Self-adapting heat shield
Reduced number of wear parts
lead to cost reductions


The technical key competence, highest ecological sensibility and the passion to solve problems enables us to find together with our customers the best possible solution.


MEFKON represents the most innovative burner technology, the combined MEFKON Oxygen-Air-Gas Burner (MEFKON OAG Burner). This burner technology enables exact drying processes with lowest starting temperatures and at the same time most efficient quick action heating while saving natural gas.

MEFKON combined oxygen-air-gas burner (MEFKON OAG Burner)

Trustful and fair

MEFKON is a healthy growing company, owner-operated and independent in business and financial terms. For us a trustful and fair treatment of employees and customers is a matter of course.


On up to 2200 sqm production hall every single plant will be completely assembled and tested. The test results will be recorded and the plants will be dismantled into a few parts and shipped to our customers.


Our products are based on the Emission Optimized Heating Technology (EOHT) we have developed. This technology enables our customers to dry and heat with unparalleled efficiency in terms of emissions and energy consumption.