Efficient Drying and Heating Systems

Systems for the drying and heating of vessels with refractory materials during hot metal and steel production

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MEFKON designs and manufactures systems for the drying and heating of all types of vessels with refractory materials during the production of hot metal and steel.


HIGHEST EFFICIENCY, BEST QUALITY, HIGHEST RELIABILITY and LOWEST EMISSIONS are the demand on every MEFKON heating system for the improvement of our customer´s profit.

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In addition to the most modern burner technology, strict compliance with standards and safety measures is the identifying feature of MEFKON. As a responsible manufacturer of heating systems, we consider consumption media such as gas, oxygen, hydrogen, compressed air and electricity as well as costs for maintenance and repair. Experience, know-how and innovative problem-solving skills enables us to find the best solution for our customers.

Enter the future

As a reliable and competent partner, MEFKON develops sustainable concepts for energy saving and emission reduction together with its customers.
Due to our H2-ready system, our preheaters are already equipped for a zero-emission future.


Save up to 80% energy

using our state of the art burner systems


ZERO emission

with MEFKON hydrogen burner systems


With our team of industry experts who have decades of extensive experience in building heating systems, MEFKON experts have engineered, manufactured and commissioned more than 1000 heating systems for several steel plants all over the world.